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Discover once again the fun in Interkasa playing a MU with all working features and with minimal gameplay bugs. Professional organised and balanced every class we are going to break through all noob servers which we are invaded with.

We are working hard to keep our player satisfied and make our game much more interesting! We wish you pleasant stay in our server!

Powered by unique proprietary server engine guarantee 100% pure gaming by using bugless certified files, so we make sure game process will be honest without donators and fake players.


Basic information about Interkasa MU Online:


Experience(V.I.P.): 50x (55x/58x/60x)

Items Drop: 30%

Maximum Level: 400

Points Per Level: 5/7/7

Master Level Experience: dynamic

Maximum Master Level: 200

Points Per Master level: 1 for all class

Monsters Per Spot: 6-7 on all maps

Maximum Stats: 32767

MG, DL, RF Create Level: 220, 250, 150

MU Helper : from 50 level

Npc buff : untill 220 level ( + V.I.P.)

Post from : 100 level


Reset and Master Reset information:


Reset Level: 400

Clear stats : ON

Reset points : 1000 * reset count

Zen for reset : 2 000 000 * reset count

Master Reset: 100 resets

After Master Reset stats : clear

All class get 10000 WCoinC + 2 items (+15+28add+2options) at your choice


In Game Quests and Events:


We have fully functional Cherry Blossom system in parallel with Chaos Card system


Original invasions can reward you with Pets , Jewels , Transformation Rings , New Amulets , Zen


Box of Kundun has totally managed for all classes , all items here, from low defence to high defence


Sealed Silver & Golden Box system fully working in parallel with Golden Bosses , from sealed boxes you can get Interkasa MU exclusive pets , horns


Chaos Castle Survival Event,Blood Castle,Devil Square winner can be rewarded with jewels, more experience rate, (150-200) free stats points and probability of win WP + GP (5/20) coins


Double Goer (Doppelganger) winners can be rewarded with jewels and new Lucky paper


Imperial Fort Event winner can be rewarded with new jewels / items, and probability of win WP/GP coins


Nix , Lord of Ferea invasions can reward you with new Jewels an unique items


Castle Siege, winner can be rewarded with entrance to Land of Trials, special Senior mix and special Flag for siege owners.



New restructured V.I.P. system

New Flags System

New Lucky goblin mix system

New Interkasa Blessed mix system

New Illusion Brothers system

Balanced items equipment manage

- (Max 2 exc opt per item)

- 3 Types of building

( Anc + Exc + Joh )(Only standard no custom ancient)

( Exc + Joh + PvP )(only 379+ level items)

(Socket + Joh + Exc)(Only standard no custom items)


List of available items for each category can be found on game guide section


* NO exist over power items like ( Manticore + acc + socket)


Lot of new PETs and HORNs with unique options, exclusive by Interkasa MU Team


Access Interkasa MU website game guide section for more information.


More you can see in the game process